Parmigiani Fleurier enhances its Tonda Métropolitaine Collection with a dial in abyss blue – one of the brand's signature shades. The manufacture has chosen to forego numeral indications around the edge of the dial to avoid disturbing the fine snailing forming concentric waves over the entire surface, with the exception of the polished small second window.

Parmigiani Fleurier's signature Abyss Blue is achieved by dipping the part in a very specific galvanic bath, with a precise current and a perfectly controlled temperature. There is a certain magic in the succession of colours created by the effects of electrolysis. The part takes on an initial bright orange shade, turning into an almost rust-coloured brown; next, purplish tones appear, as deep as the striking colour of aubergines; finally, waves of blue materialise with this blue-violet hue which turns blue…and then a moment later…Abyss Blue. At this precise moment, the part is removed from the bath. One second longer and it would turn royal blue, then grey. The choreographing of galvanic colours is a delicate art, in which precision is interlaced with time.