The Arcanys Early Learning Foundation

The decision is made! Parmigiani Fleurier has decided to support the organisation founded by Alan Debonneville. This Swiss entrepreneur based in Cebu in the Philippines founded the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation which seeks to encourage maths education for the country's disadvantaged pre-schoolers.

In concrete terms, the foundation proposes a fun learning method, based on recognising and counting animals. The foundation employs young teachers who go and visit families living below the poverty line. There they practise with the children concerned and also teach the method to the parents who then become tutors themselves and can continue the process.

To date, the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation has coached more than 3000 families. Its educational programme has used effective monitoring tools, to ensure it is continuously optimised. The benefits of this method have been the subject of two studies so far. The first was in 2013, and followed 177 children coached for three hours per week by 10 teachers over a period of two months. It clearly concluded that the progress made was excellent. A second study, carried out in 2015, had a larger scope, following almost 700 children, and confirmed these benefits. Not only did the aptitude for mathematics improve in all the subjects being monitored, progress was also seen in terms of their language, vocabulary and social skills. The bond between the children and their parents was also strengthened.

The Arcanys Early Learning Foundation is tackling ambitious projects, such the project to apply its learning method to 4-year-olds across an entire city.

Parmigiani Fleurier is closely following the negotiations in progress with one of Cebu's neighbouring cities, where the project is planned to begin in 2017.