RuArts Gallery

Parmigiani supports opening reception and exhibition of Stephan Spicher (Switzerland)

On the 24th of October, 2012 the Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier supported exhibition of Swiss artist Stephan Spicher named Blossom in RuArts Gallery.

RuArts Foundation was created in 2003. It integrates Russian Contemporary art into the International context focusing on the work with new media, video, digital photography, experimental art, publishes catalogues and books, participates in international Art Fairs, invites art historians to lecture on issues of Art and Culture, organizes master classes, video and slide shows for public, focuses on a cross-section of both Contemporary and Modern Art in its collection, currently collecting its own Video archive and Library.

RuArts Gallery was founded in 2004. The Gallery represents and exhibits both Russian and foreign contemporary artists and sculptors, video artists and photographers, exhibits different sorts of artistic practices.

Stefan Spicher was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1950. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Basel in the studio of Italian artist B. Assenza. He traveled a lot. He has been to the U.S. (New York, San Francisco, Chicago), Japan, Latin America, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Indonesia (island of Bali).

The works from the Blossom series represent abstract formulae, colourarabesque: the concept is implemented with the help of pure painting -the dramaturgy of the line, patch and colour. There is no representation, no manifestations of the mimetic. At the same time the artist is clearly concerned by the relationship with the organic. In order to visualize this relationship, he chooses a special channel, which is not mimetic, but mythical-poetic. So if one pole of Spicher's art is reduction to pure abstraction, the other is the sensation of the processional and inclusion in the natural.

"The watchmaker translates the abstraction of Time into a watch. The artist Stephan Spicher translates the tangible nature surrounding us into an expressionist abstraction" - said Jean-Marc Jacot, Parmigiani Fleurier's CEO.