Michel Parmgiani was born on December 2nd 1950 in Couvet, in canton Neuchâtel. Upon completing his high school degree, he hesitates between watchmaking and architecture, two disciplines that meet in their technical as well as creative facets. Watchmaking prevails in the end because of the mysterious side it comprises. Michel Parmigiani completes his studies by a speciality in restoration – a field reserved to the best and finest watchmakers.

He starts his own business in 1976 by opening a workshop dedicated primarily to restoration. Michel Parmigiani started his entrepreneurial adventure like an outcast amid the Quartz crisis that was devastating the watchmaking landscape. "When you had worked on the marvels of the past that are part of our civilization’s heritage, as I had been lucky enough to do", he explained much later, "you simply couldn't have believed, at that time, that traditional watchmaking was just going to die like that". Restoration gave Michel the trust to pursue his watchmaking dreams.

Michel Parmigiani builds a methodology of restoration, which becomes his ethic of work. His cutting-edge watchmaking competencies rise through every piece he restores and he makes a name for himself with watchmaking museums and private collectors who notice his potential. In the eighties, he becomes responsible for restoring the Maurice-Yves Sandoz collection of inestimable value.

This is how Michel met the Sandoz Family Foundation, which trust and admiration led to the grand watchmaking adventure of today.

The knowledge of watchmaking history and the mastery of artifact restoration are major assets for a workshop of Haute Horlogerie. At Parmigiani Fleurier, restoration has never ceased to be the soul of the brand.”     -    Michel Parmigiani